Amerikka toteutuneena dystopiana: sosiaalinen integraatio ja kaupunkipolitiikka

America as realised dystopia – Urban policy and the social disintegration of the black ghetto

The wrong use of theme of ghettoisation" and its sensationalistic imagery in France to address issues of urban marginalisation and disorder has prevented an analytic reading of America's dark ghetto" as a limiting case, which empirically reveals the effects of the withdrawal of the state on the structure and fabric of urban society under conditions of poverty and segregation. This becomes visible in everyday violence, the erosion of wage-labour employment, the growth of drug trading, and the transformation of programs of social welfare" into an apparatus of surveillance and defensive containment of poor minorities. Far from integrating ghetto residents into national life, urban public institutions contribute to their stigmatisation, isolation, and separation from the wider society.

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