Aikakauden kulttuurinen nimikirjoitus – teesejä

The Cultural Signature of the Age – Theses

The writer discusses contemporary cultural change in the form of six theses. Firstly, modernity has become self-evident, the deep legitimation of discourse concerning it has run its course, and the status of critique has changed. Secondly, a pragmatic change in a large scale has taken place – from the everyday to religion, or from art to science. Thirdly, metaphysics and the metaphysical experience have become part of everyday life. Fourthly, culture has become culturalised, while it is at the same time understood that culture cannot be constructed. Fiftly, the relationship to tradition is changing: modernity and tradition are not mutually exclusive. Sixthly, even secularisation becomes secularised. Finally, only anti-modernity negates the above theses, whereas a-modern and counter-modern are part of modernity.

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