Mitä filosofia on?

Introduction. Our question is...

The writers discuss the meaningfulness of the question, "What is philosophy?". The question is meaningful only if it is asked comparatively. Philosophy must always be compared with science and art, because philosophy, science and art form a whole, even though each one of them constructs its own thought models. The models intersect, but none of them is the basis of the others. Therefore, philosophy cannot be the origin of everything else, a truthful model, or the thinking of thinking. Consequently, philosophy is not contemplation (objective idealism), nor reflection (subjective idealism). Nor is it communication (intersubjective idealism). What, then, is philosophy? It is doing, creating and building, a kind of "constructivism". It is a clearly defined field of study, which consists of the creation of concepts. Philosophy is the production of conceptual, singular events. Concepts are essential to philosophy and their immaterial and formal, as well as structural and developing features must be clarified. The article has also appeared as the introduction to the book Qu'est-ce que la philosophie? (What is Philosophy?).

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