Keinotekoista seksiä? Luonto, luonnottomuus ja radikaali sukupuolipolitiikka

Artificial sex? – The natural, the perverse and the radical gender politics

Modernity tries to find the basis for sexual behaviour from nature. Homosexual culture is thus either something inexplicable in nature or a cultural phenomenon without a natural basis. Postmodernity does not search for the basis of sexual identities in nature but attempts to deconstruct the nature/culture dichotomy. Nature and science define and distinguish the "natural" and "perverse" sexuality, and the prevailing heterosexual matrix leaves no room for individual choices. Lesbian identity servers as a political-philosophical argument against this universalising heterosexuality. An alternative identity politics involves the risk of naturalising identities and stabilising what the radical gender politics has set in motion. On the other hand, identity is essential in all gender politics. We must only understand that a sexual identity that has not become naturalised, that is random and whose structure has been deconstructed is still an identity and it can serve as a framework in various political situations.

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