Vallan horisontti

The Horizon of Power

Hannah Arendt's conception of power manages to problematise the idea of power as influence and as a timeless institutional construction. The article concentrates on the study of the vision of future related to Arendt's conception of power, with potentiality and dynamism as its essential features. Power as a potential means the very existence of a variety of different fronts, as well as a surprise or exception they "organise". The potentiality of power also means the formation of new coalitions of action, the possibility to act in a multitude of different and surprising ways, which also creates the possibility of power. Besides promises and forgiveness, even other ways of guaranteeing the surprise of the future can be construed from Arendt's texts. These include preparatory politics and the past as the authorisers of the future, and the types of power made possible by representativeness. As an application of Arendt's thinking, the possibility of producing expectations on the one hand and a strict regulation of these expectations on the other are central questions.

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