Psykoanalyysin toinen aalto ja uusi naisihanne Venäjällä

The second wave of psychoanalysis and the new feminine ideal in Russia

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Russian psychoanalysis has been revived after decades of prohibition. This article is based on interviews with nine women and one man, who are either practising psychoanalysis or studying in order to do so. It first traces the gradual institutionalization of this culturally new profession. Psychoanalysis is then approached as one of the many techniques of the self now spreading in Russian society. These techniques include other forms of psychotherapy, sports, and religious movements. What is common for their reception in Russia is a general emphasis on the liberation of the individual, combined with a traditional perception of femininity as biologically defined and confined to the domestic sphere. This feminine ideal provides an ideological support of the changed family dynamics in the new Russian upper classes. But in the stories of female psychoanalysts, even other developments can be heard. The feminine ideal is e.g. used as a first means to articulate and criticize the relationship between Soviet mothers and their daughters. As one of the interviewees says, "only now do our women have the possibility to learn to be autonomous".

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