Yhteisöt ja sosiaalisen oikeudenmukaisuuden ongelmat

Communities and problems of social justice

The problem of social justice is one of the issues in the debate between liberals and communitarians. While liberals argue that social justice has to be an egalitarian and universal concept that is valid for all different kinds of societies, communitarians maintain that there is no unified or universal concept of social justice, but that social justice is relative to the community and even that there are not only individual but collective rights as well. The article asks, whether a normative priority could follow from the empirical necessity of the relation to community, and what the precise significance of this might be to the question of social justice. The article does not deal so much with the problem of universality and relativity, rather, it focuses on the demand for equality that seems to be implicit in the conception of social justice. As the debate between liberals and communitarians clearly shows that the main concepts are used in different and vague ways, the article starts by clarifying the concepts of "justice" and "social justice" and the conceptions and functions of communities.

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