Elämäntavan murrokset ja ympäristö

Changes in Lifestyle and the Environment

The relationship between man and environment in a modern society may be described as a change in lifestyle. In an urban society, nature appears to man as a resource for building new environments. Man's relation to nature becomes externalised - nature ought not to disturb environment. In a postmodern society, the influence of man's activity on nature is changing from local to global. As a result, the relationship between man, nature and environment becomes problematic in a new way. By way of example, changes in the physio-chemical composition of the atmosphere may lead to a warming of the global climate. In a large scale, man may have to adapt to nature rather than be able to dominate it in the future. Simultaneously, man's attempts to dominate nature in a small scale seem to be increasing. The control of one's personal lifestyle becomes part of people's relationship with the environment, making them look for new symbiotic values which protect nature and new contents of activity.

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