Onko – vai harhaako vain? Elokuvan ontologiaa heideggerilaisittain

Is it – or just a delusion? Towards a Heideggerian ontology of film

The article looks at the film art from the standpoints of Martin Heidegger's philosophy. Could film art disclose Being or is it the greatest untruth as a threefold illusion: 1) its movement is a delusion of motion, 2) its time-space continuity is a fragmentary reconstruction, and 3) its light is no more than a reflection of projected illumination. Heidegger condemned film and radio in his essays on technology but the writer claims that his understanding of modern technology was inadequate. The article shows how close filmic representation is to Heidegger's conceptions of disclosing Being as an event, and how a film is a true work of art in the fullest sense of The Origin of the Work of Art.

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