Yhteiskunnalliset liikkeet, kulttuurin muutos ja tiedon rooli. Alberto Meluccin haastattelu

New Cultures, Social Movements, and the Role of Knowledge: An Interview with Alberto Melucci

In his latest books, Alberto Melucci, best known for his original work on social movements, has expanded his previous analyses around the key concept of identity to yield a systematic presentation of both the changing environment of all action in contemporary society and the individual and collective dimensions involved in the formation of agency. Against the background of his general theory of complex systems predicated on information as their crucial resource, Melucci integrates the analysis of the psychic facets of personal life in the age of uncertainty and global interdependence into a comprehensive framework for the study of collective action and social movements that focuses on the creative and constructed character of the 'postindustrial' social condition. An analytical awareness of the heterogenous and multiple nature of today s collective phenomena casts new light on the emergent dilemmas that touch upon the everyday experience of individuals, and allows a fresh examination of the processes that can contribute to the practice of freedom in public life. Amidst theoretical issues internal to the study of social movements, themes as diverse as contemporary forms of power, the ambiguity of knowledge, present transformations affecting nature, culture, and the body, the career of new movements, and the role of the analyst are addressed in the discussion.

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