Politiikkaa ihmisten välissä. Arendtin maailma

Politics between people. On Hannah Arendt's conception of politics

The essay considers the context in which The Human Condition was born in order to understand how action, thinking and judging are related to each other in Hannah Arendt's thinking. This context is constituted by the perspectives of analysis offered by the experience of the twentieth century totalitarianism and the situation of the Jewish pariah. These politically anomalous phenomena provide Arendt with an interpretative key with which she approaches conditions of political action in the modern world. For Arendt, political action means gathering together in the common world in order to begin something new, which concerns the world between us; the world between us is, in the proper sense of the word, the only thing we can share with each other. Judging is a link that binds acting and thinking together preventing the former from disappearing without leaving a trace and the latter from remaining insignificant in its worldlessness.

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