Paikallisten ympäristöongelmien politisoituminen, ympäristökysymys ja aseveliakseli Tampereella

The politicization of local environmental problems. Environmental issues and the "brothers-in-arms" axle in Tampere, Finland

The article analyses how environmental issues "took place" in the city of Tampere (180 000 inhabitants). The analysis is based on four cases dating from the period of 1959-1984. In these cases, local development and environmental conflicts were involved. The cases are analysed as social problems, i.e. as processes of "claims making". The local political culture, which is discussed in the light of urban regime theory, serves as a context of analysis. The "brothers-in-arms axle" (social democrate and conservative cooperation) ruled post-war local politics with a strong pro-growth agenda. The coalition owed its governing capacity to post-war economic growth, the consensual "brothers-in-arms" spirit and the strong personalities who led the political coalition. In Tampere, the consensual politics of growth was hardly questioned at all before the 1970's. The new environmental discourse provided space for new "roles" in local politics and gave rise to counter coalitions only in the 1980's cases. The rise of environmental issues not only questioned local development as such but the local mode of governance was also challenged.

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