Ruumiin ja puheen etiikka Jean-Paul Sartren ja Emmanuel Levinasin ajattelussa

The ethics of body and speech in the thinking of Jean-Paul Sartre and Emmanuel Levinas

The article discusses the views of ethics of Jean-Paul Sartre and Emmanuel Levinas. It argues that the views these two thinkers have of subjectivity, the other, loving, corporality and language are considerably less divergent than what is commonly thought to be the case. Both Sartre and Levinas think that on the most fundamental level ethics is related to a sensible subjectivity that gives away its own being for the sake of others. From this standpoint they discuss the very challenging and still very present questions of how to communicate with others and how to meet them ethically. The article also criticizes some of the established interpretations on Sartre, and those made of his views of ethics, especially.

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