Merkityksen merkitys. Saussure, Peirce ja fenomenologinen sosiologia

The meaning of meaning – Saussure, Peirce and phenomenological sociology

Departing from the common view according to which structuralist semiology (the Saussurean tradition), pragmatist semiotics (the Peircean tradition) and phenomenological sociology (Husserl, Schutz, Berger & Luckmann, and Garfinkel) are seen as mutually exclusive alternatives, the article attempts to outline a synthesis of them all. The result of the synthesis is that a conception emerges where action theories (rational choice, Weber etc.) are based on phenomenological sociology, and phenomenological sociology is based on neostructuralist semiotics, which is a synthesis of the Saussurean and the Peircean traditions of understanding the habits of interpretation and interaction.

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