Georges Bataille ja silvottu yhteisöllisyys

Georges Bataille and the mutilated social

The article is an interpretation of two collections of writings from the works of Georges Bataille (the texts published in the reviews Documents and Acéphale in the 1930s). It tries to sketch a bataillean theory of the social by concentrating on two great problems left behind by Durkheim in his theory of religion: the problem of evil (le mal) and the question concerning the place and status of nature in the constitution of society. It shows how Bataille, by mutilating the idealized representation of the human figure, at the same time deconstructs the idealized "anthropomorphic" figure of society and the nature-object created in its image. The "fantasmatic", impure nature Bataille brings into the scene constitutes in his theory the hidden (forbidden) basis of the social, the "accursed part" of the sacred, the common experience of which lays the foundation of our social being (our être-ensemble).

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