Runous ja postmoderni. Katsaus angloamerikkalaiseen keskusteluun

Poetry and Postmodernism

The article draws from the features of Postmodernism in the context of poetry, and the on-going Anglo-American discussion on the subject. To begin with, the connection to Surrealism, and Avant-Garde literature in general, is emphasized by taking a brief look at Charles Russell's theory of the Avant-Garde. The article then proceeds to particularize the most prominent tendencies in discussing Postmodern poetry. It is being noticed that certain features, such as fragmentation and playfulness, seem to be passing from the subject-matter to the actual body of criticism as well. Finally, John Ashbery's idea of a new form of criticism, that of a "new Criticism", is introduced. As in much of Postmodern poetry, "all/ is by definition subject matter for the new/ Criticism".

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