Radikaali vaihto – Marcel Maussin lahja johdatuksena ei-taloudelliseen vaihtoon

Radical Exchange - Marcel Mauss' "Gift" as an introduction to non-economic reciprocity

The article revaluates Mauss' well known essay "Gift" through Jean Baudrillard's concepts and at the same time against Maurice Godelier's and Jacques Derrida's interpretations of Mauss. The hypothesis of the article is that there is something contractual, which preceeds traditional social contract, and it can be called "radical social contract". Radical social contract is secret and it remains of Bataillean complicity. Activity within radical social contract is always exchange. Exchange is radical because it is not exchange of values but exchange in which values are annuled by the principle of giving in return. "Radical exchange" calls into question irreversibe movements (production, additional value) with the principle of reversibility according to which objects (gifts) and acts (sacrifices, dissipations, destructions) are always challenges. The end of the article discusses anti-christian and non-economic ethics, "radical solidarity". There the most important thing for a human being is the ability to give and to participate in a non-communicative reciprocity. Without that reciprocity there is no joy of living.

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