Olla se kuka on – Sokrates minästä, takinkääntämisestä ja lainavaatteista

Socratic Philosophy of the Self

The acknowledged purpose of Socratic elenchus is to create coherence to the set of beliefs one person holds. The demand for inner coherence is connected to Platonic philosophy of the self. In the Socratic dialogues, the ideal is a fully coherent set of beliefs and a person in full command of them. This applies especially to one's moral values and principles. If attained, coherence would create a unitary, whole self whose action would be based on a considered set of beliefs, without conflicts or inner tensions. In practise, selfhood is a normative process towards this end. Even though the theory may overlook the complex psychological structure of human beings, its merit is the way in which it draws attention to introspection of one's beliefs and values as significant to the self and action.

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