Kohina ja kommunikaatio

Noise and Communication

Insofar as it has been emphasized governance of and by communication, science as guarantor of unequivocality has always replaced multiplicity and disagreement, message noise. But noise is however an integral part of message itself. Therefore the postwar history has intensified attempts to think communication and noise together, so that the latter does not appear only as the source of disorder but also as its material part. Noise is thus absolutely necessary for communication. On the other hand, in order to make a shared meaning possible, a remarkable part of this noise has to be excluded. Communication has to be given a form in order to be distinguished from noise. Communication itself, however, cannot be given any single form: it escapes all formalizations. This movement of sharing and excluding, form-giving and fleeing from formalization is what determines the field of communication. The paper investigates the ways this movement has got its expression especially in the writings of Latour and Callon.

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