Taistelu Tampereen kasvoista – kaupungin habituksen muutos

Fight Over the Faces of Tampere – A Sneaking Transformation of City's Habitus

In the decades following the Second World War, political power in Tampere remained unquestionably in the hands of the same ruling coalition. The situation started to change, however, from the early 1970s onwards. This process of change peaked in 1989 with a dispute over the reconstruction of an old industrial area in the city. It could be characterised as a local critical event. To analyse the cultural dimension of this political transition in Tampere, I will draw upon Pierre Bourdieu's concept of field, symbolic capital, and habitus. I argue that conflict over symbolic capital in a political field is three dimensional. It concerns 1) contents, 2) styles of politics and 3) positions within society of the parties involved. The legitimacy of the symbolic capital is linked to the habitus of the city, which ties, as I argue, historical cultural and material transformations together.

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