Aineenvaihdunta, elämänprosessi ja työvoima. Talousmetafysiikan käsitteiden tarkastelua

Metabolism, Life Process and Labour Force. Examining the concepts of metaphysical economy

The main argument of the article is that in modern times the radicalism of existence, its fatefulness and its magic, is destroyed when it is conceptualized as vitality. The following concepts belong to the sphere of vitality: production, labour force, living labour, life, Nature, metabolism and process. These with some genealogically related concepts constitute a system, a web of meanings, which produces merely economically understood reality. The reproducion of vital meanings is in this article defined as metaphysics of economy. According to Marx capital is a blood-sucking vampyre for living labour. This article does not discuss the strategies for the living labour to escape the vampyre, instead it claims that this folktale is insufficient. What still remains to be told, is a legend we really need, i.e. the story of the bloodless, lifeless and valueless entities immune to capital. The main sources of the article are Hannah Arendt's The Human Condition, Michel Foucault's Les Mots et les choses, and Karl Marx's Grundrisse.

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