Jäljittelyn jäljillä: pastissin käsitteen historiaa

Tracing Imitation: A History of the Concept Pastiche

One of the key terms of postmodernism, pastiche has its roots in the new aesthetics of the late 18th century. In literature the term became to mean the imitation of the style of an author or a literary period. The history of the concept pastiche is fragmentary and heterogeneous, but two overarching notions can be distinguished: pastiche has been deemed parasitic or undesirable, and it has been seen as a means for literary or cultural critique. In the 20th century these apparently contradictory features were understood to constitute the essential doubleness of pastiche, which can be both derivative and innovative. In recent pastiche criticism theoretical issues dominate, while analyses of actual literary works could help to understand the phenomenon better.

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