Koulutuksen ylikansalliset paineet ja yliopistojen uusi hallinta

Universities under Supranational Pressures and New Governance

The globalisation is usually seen, among countless other things, as referring to growing supranational pressures to national education policies, especially in the university sector. Not only in Finland, the drift and push towards a business-like entrepreneurial university is often seen as self-evident, inevitable and taken as granted. The article analyses these tendences, discursive bases and supra­national agencies. The focus is on new governance as university policy and politics in Finland, especially on what is called quality revolution and evaluation industry. As a conclusion and against the grain, the article refuses to see the international tendencies as necessity and without alternative. Leaning on the controversial, incompatible and contradictory character of globalisation, the conclusion of the article emphasizes historical continuities of the university institution and critical potentials of the academic society, though poorly developed in Finland so far.

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