Väkivalta elämän aikakaudella

Violence in the Era of Life

In his lecture dated 17.3.1976 "Faire vivre et laisser mourir: la naissance du racisme" Michel Foucault related the spe­cificity of the modern racism to the bio­political technologies of life. According to Fou­cault the racism guaranteed the exercise of death in the economy of biopower. The article explores the context of this argument by analysing how and why Fou­cault treats the problematic of the discourse of war and its relation to the constitution of modern nation and society in his lectures 1975–1976: Il faut défendre la société. Fou­cault's lecture course is linked to and bears out a comparision with other theoretical readings considering the same material he is using in his argument, especially the arguments made by Hannah Arendt and Carl Schmitt. In the end, the article explores the relevance of Foucault's viewpoint in the contemporary world and relates his arguments to the recent discourses on humanitarian war or global war against terrorism.

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