Geenimuunneltujen kasvien vakiintuminen ja hallinnan ongelmallisuus: kehittyvien systeemien näkökulma

Stabilisation of Genetically Modified Plants and the Problems of Control: A Developmental Systems View

This paper provides a heuristic understanding about stabilisation of genetically modified (GM) plants. I argue that a GM plant can survive and have the qualities expected only as a part of a developmental system which synchronises relevant biological processes and human practices into a functional order. Stabilisation of such a multilevel system is a developmental achievement and something which cannot be fully controlled. There is a risk that instability or unpredictable self-organisation follows. When sta­bi­li­sation does succeed, the outcome can be eva­luated by focusing on the possibility space the system provides. I conclude that instead of chasing some predetermined essence of a plant – as we now tend to do – it makes more sense to study the prerequisites and implications of stabilisation.

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