Velkaannuttaminen ja maksaminen kristillisessä moraalissa – Friedrich Nietzsche talousmetafysiikan kriitikkona

In-debting/To in-debt and pay in Christian Morality. Friedrich Niet­zsche as a Critic of Metaphysical Eco­nomy

In Zur Ge­nealogie der Moral Fried­rich Niet­zsche suggests that morals should be exa­mined as a relationship between a creditor and a debtor. An individual is a subject who pays his debt to the community, ancestors and God. According to Niet­zsche a moral Christian gets into debt when he is made to believe in guilty conscience, the concept of sin and free will. He has pangs of conscience and pays his debt by either treating others badly (pay back) or by treating himself badly (remorse). Contrary to Christian mo­rals by which one pays back in a cruel, unconsci­ous and secret manner, archaic ethics rely on ceremonial rules, refined respect and benevolence.

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