Itseksi tulemiseen uupuminen. Yhteiskunnallis-historiallinen näkökulma masennukseen

The Weariness of Becoming Oneself. A Sociohistorical Perspective on Depression

In the 1940's, depression was merely a syndrome recognizable in most mental illnesses, and socie­ty paid it no particular attention. Today, this disorder has captured the attention of psychiatry, just as psychosis did fifty years ago. This is the medical success of depression. At the same time, the media treats depression as the latest fashion, as the scourge of the century. Depression has been transformed into a practical tool for defining various kinds of unhappiness and alleviating them by multiple means. This is the social success of depression. The aim of this article is to explain this double success, the medical one being embedded in the social, in answering two intertwined questions: Firstly, how has depression imposed itself as our main form of personal unhappiness? Secondly, to what extent and in what way does depression reveal the transformations of sociality?

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