Objektien performatiivisuudesta. Välineet ruumiintekniikan tuottajina

Of Performability of Objects: Material Means as Producers of Body Techniques

The article discusses body techniques in relation to material means of bodily action. There is a common presupposition that bodily skills can only be learned by practicing them in action. But what is it in action that teaches you to act? A material object responding to bodily actions according to its intrinsic features. The responsiveness of an object informs the body to correct its technique. The body registers behaviour of an object via its somatosensory system producing a representation of an object as a feel for an instrument. Knowing by feeling is embodied sensual knowledge preceding any linguistic formulations. Ontological rea­lism renders possible the capability of objects to resist and return the forces the body channels to them. The notion of inscription, defined in Akrich's and La­tour's sociology of artefacts as a program of action materialised in an object, seems to have a more solid foundation in ontological realism than in the relational ontology of actor-network theory.

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