François Ewald, vakuutus ja solidaarisuuden liberaali kohtalo

François Ewald, insurance and the liberal destiny of solidarity

This article examines the historical relationship between (social) insurance and solidarity through the work of François Ewald. The main part of the article focuses on Ewald's interpretation of the emergence of insurance society and the related shift from the liberal diagram of responsibility (civil law) to social solidarity (social law). The purpose is to problematise Ewald's division between the paradigm of responsibility and the paradigm of solidarity in the context of insurance. The starting point is that "liberal" and "social" forms of government are not contradictory but fundamentally interrelated. After analysing Ewald's reasoning the article examines the possibility to think responsibility and solidarity as parallel diagrams of government. In the end the relationship between insurance and solidarity is discussed through some current questions related to insurance.

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