Riski, asiantuntijuus ja maallikot. Ulrich Beckin riskiyhteiskunnan teorian kritiikki

The risk, the expertice and the lay people. A Critique of Ulrich Beck's theory of risk society

The notion of risk has become an essential part of almost any description of the contemporary times. For sociologists, society has been a "risk society" ever since the publication of the Risikogesellschaft by Ulrich Beck in 1986. This article discusses theoretical and empirical issues in Beck's writings. To this end we use data on the management of electricity distribution failures by experts and lay people. We will also consider the use of the concept of risk by Beck. While we admit that Beck's work suffers from overstatements, we claim that his ideas on the systemic emergence of more pluralistic institutional decision-making are useful for future research.

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