Elementaarista politiikkaa? Hans Jonas ja Jacques Derrida vastuusta luontoa kohtaan

Elemental Politics? Hans Jonas and Jacques Derrida on Responsibility Towards Nature

Is there a politics that can deal with the elemental ground of the lifeworld ? I explore this question by comparing two propositions for a politics of nature / animality. Hans Jonas and Jacques Derrida share 1) a critique of Heidegger's Dasein in the name of " life " 2) a question of responsibility towards non-human beings and 3) a thinking of politics in terms of future. But while Jonas defends "an authentically human li­fe", Derrida doubts all discourses of an authentic humanity and seeks to give a place in the community to (artificial, fictional) animality. Jonas doubts whether democracy can carry the responsibility of future life. Derrida, on the contrary, defines democracy as the possible coming of any kind of living beings. Nevertheless, both speak in terms of living beings and neither extends the sphere of politics to englobe the elemental ground of lifeworld.

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