Kapitalismin luova ruhtinas ja päätön ratsumies. Johdatus Joseph A. Schumpeterin ”Luovaan tuhoon”

The Creative Prin­ce of Capitalism and the Headless Horseman

The article is an extensive introduction to Joseph A. Schumpeter's thought on the process of creative destruction. This thought is in itself seen as the very expression of the creative destruction and linked to its historical, intellectual and personal conditions. Here Schumpeter's turbulent life, his passions and the specific form of his own economic thought, is analysed in the light of the process of creative destruction. The article discusses al­so Schumpeter's methodo­logy, his intellectual influences, and his theories of innovation, politics and especially his image of passionate capitalism. The metaphor of creative destruction is compared with the metaphor of invisible hand and their cor­res­ponding images of capitalism is analy­sed. In the end the tragic source and aspect of Schum­peter's narrative on capitalism is exposed.

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