Schumpeter, kapitalismin dynamiikka, tämä päivä – huominen

Schumpeter, the Dynamics of Capitalism, Today – Tomorrow

Jospeph Schumpeter was among the great 20th century economists the one who paid attention to the dynamic nature of capitalism. He was interested in economy as a real, material process mediating the relationship between humanity and the rest of the world. This is what makes his legacy important also when pondering upon the future of the capitalist economy. As Schumpeter noticed early on, the relationship between the economy and the rest of the world is not immediately vi­sible. The productive forces of nature on which the economy depends - land and labour - are "economized", that is, their material substance is hidden behind economic patterns and processes. The economy is an emergent phenomenon which is successfully "masking" the productive forces of nature. I trace the historical stages of this development using Schumpeter's ouvre as a source. Against this backgrund, I reflect upon the causes and consequences of the current global economic crisis, especially upon what the crisis implies for economic policies aiming at sustainable deve­lopment.

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