Johdatukseksi Martin Heideggerin vuoden 1935 luentoihin

An Introduction to Martin Heidegger’s 1935 Lecture Course

The article serves as an introduction to the newly published Finnish translation of Martin Heidegger’s Introduction to Metaphysics. I first discuss the respective historical situations in which these lectures were originally delivered (1935) and first published (1953), arguing that they can be read as an indirect account of Heidegger’s relationship to National Socialism after his rectorate (1933–34), and also as a contemporary document of the possibilities and necessities of philosophizing under the Third Reich. I then delineate the central importance of these lectures as signaling the ”reversal” (Kehre) undertaken by Heidegger’s thinking after Being and Time (1927) and concluding in a programmatic outline of the central questions of Heidegger’s later thought.

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