Abrahamin ironia, allegoria ja kirjallisuuden alkuperä: Kierkegaardin Pelko ja vavistus, Derridan Donner la mort

Abraham’s Irony, Allegory, and the Origin of Literature

”Irony implies the individual’s incommensurabi­lity with reality,” writes Kierkegaard, while some twenty-odd pages earlier he has stated that the love of God ”is incommensurable with the whole of reality.” To point out such a parallel between incommensurabilities is, I hope, not just an ”infernal or diabolical” way of reading Fear and Trembling, since the irony of Abraham is indeed bound with a double bind: the world and its ethical demands on the one hand, and on the other, God’s love demanding a leap of faith, a leap beyond ethics. Literature has its origin in this breath-taking situation, an experience of infinite responsibility manifested in a form of irresponsibility.

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