Demokratia: katu ja tehdas poliittisen kiistan näyttämönä

Democracy: Street and factory as the stage of political dispute

The government of France gave a lesson on parliamentary democracy in the autumn of 2010 as the French protested against the pension reform: democracy takes place in and through institutionalized deliberations and at the parliament. This democratic process, so the citizens were told, takes in consideration various social and political interests and, what is crucial, the facts of global economy. This lesson shows how correctly Jacques Rancière was in his analysis of the essence of the contemporary consensus democracy, which actually is nothing but a post-democracy. For Rancière, politics and democracy, which are interweaved, do not consist in a set of institutions (the police order) but in another distribution of the sensible. This article presents how the protests in France were events of politics, as Rancière understands its meaning.

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