Nuori Herbert Marcuse ja historiallisuuden ratkaistu arvoitus: heideggerilainen marxismi

  • Tulosta

The Young Herbert Marcuse and the Riddle of Historicity Solved: Heideggerian Marxism

The article discusses the attempt by Marcuse in 1928–1932 to ground the normative dimension of Marxism with the help of Martin Heidegger's phenomenological ontology. According to Marcuse, the theoretical crisis of Marxism, articulated best by Georg Lukacs' History and Class Consiousness in 1923, can be radicalized following Heidegger's radicalization of the crisis of historicism. In Being and Time the metaphysical or epistemological question of history becomes the ontological question of the historicity of Dasein. The normative dimension of Marxism lies in its concretization of this ontological insight.