Plastinen olemus: sattuma ja Hegelin spekulatiivinen estetiikka

  • Tulosta

Plastic essence: Contingency and Hegel's speculative concept of aesthetics

The article considers the position of Hegel's aes­thetics in relation to the totality of his thought. In the tradition of philosophy Hegel's thought is conceived to reduce eventuality and contingency to the historical and conceptual necessity. According to this notion art is for Hegel a thing of the past. Interpretations which endeavour to show the properly speculative nature of Hegel's thought have however been suggested recently. Through the concept of plasticity Catherine Malabou has demonstrated how speculation opens a possibility to think event and radical contingency. The article clarifies the implications of this claim for the aesthetics of Hegel. In this way the article reinterprets Hegel's well known definition of artwork as the sensory manifestation of the idea.