Bourdieu ja pragmatismi: toimintatavat, habitus ja sosiaalisuuden luonne

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Bourdieu and pragmatism: habits, habitus and the nature of sociality

Pierre Bourdieu and classical pragmatists are in many ways kindred spirits. The article compares the pragmatist's habitual theory of action with Bourdieu's views. Bourdieu underscores that socioeconomic factors correlate with our dispositions. This is an important finding but, on the basis of John Dewey's and G. H. Mead's pragmatism, it is argued that socioeconomic factors do not explain the phenomenon of habituality in its entirety. In addition, Bourdieu and pragmatists somewhat disagree on the nature of sociality: according to Bourdieu, sociality has to do with social comparisons, whereas pragmatists see it as identification with others irrespective of differences.