Tieteentutkimuksesta yhteiskunnan uudenlaiseen kokoonpanoon. Latourilainen kosmopolitiikka ja yhdessä elämisen vaikeus

Latourian Cosmopolitics and the Hardships of Living Together

The article tracks Bruno Latour's transformation from a Science and Technology Studies scholar to a theorist of collectives and their politics, or, what he calls "Cosmopolitics". This transition is traced and analyzed through his œuvre, and the paper argues that the seeds of his current theoretical stance toward the nature and relations between science and politics are present already in his earliest writings. The paper also shows how Latour's unprecise and even contradictory usage of political concepts, starting from "political" and "politics", makes the assessment of his theory of living together, and his contribution to existing political theory, a problematic task.

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