Tutkimusta katulampun valossa. Piilossa olevien, kieltäytyvien ja spekuloivien toimijoiden haasteesta Bruno Latourin sosiologialle

Research beneath a Street Light. On the Problem of Hidden, Disavowing, and Speculative Actors in Bruno Latour's Sociology

This article discusses the problem of hidden, disavowing, and speculative actors in Bruno Latour's sociology. Through empirical examples the article asks whether these kind of actors pose a serious challenge to actor-network theory and Latour's writings from the perspective of research politics. In times when Latour's writings have gained an almost paradigmatic status, their relevance for the politics of research needs to be confronted. A specific question is whether Latour's writings are increasingly used in ways, which may result in dismissing actors and phenomena that are unknown or unapp­roachable to an empirical observer. Due to these concerns, the article argues that Latour's intellectual legacy should be kept open for a dialogue with other research approaches and paradigms.

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