”Älä lausu turhaan Herrasi nimeä.” Eräänlainen saarna uskonnollisen puheen epävarmuudesta

"Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain" – being a sort of sermon on the hesitations of religious speech

This essay discusses the difference between scientific and religious "regimes of enunciation". Drawing from the writings of  A. N. Whitehead, Latour examines the qualitative differences between the processes of mediation within these two regimes, and proceeds to propose their comparative typology. Latour then criticizes two opposite attitudes towards religion: that of the accumulation of the deficit of translation and that of "antifetishism". The former refers to the fear of change and betray­al within the church itself, the latter to the reduction of religion into mere irrational belief in non-existing entities.

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