Sense of Being and Embodied Experience in Psychoanalysis and Phenomenology

In recent decades, the psychoanalytic theory of the dynamics of the human mind has gained a lot of interest among philosophers, and especially among phenomenologists. The psychoanalytic notion of the body has received a lot less attention. This is mainly due to the fact that the prevalent view among philosophers is that the psychoanalytic notion amounts to no more than a natural scientific object: it has been regarded as a matter of physiological, biological, and neurological research, not a philosophical scrutiny. In this article I will question this prevalent view, arguing that Freud and his followers not only discuss the experiential dimensions of the body at length, but also that they end up with a notion that comes relatively close to the phenomenological concept of the lived-body. I will show how the psychoanalytic view may challenge and perhaps also complement the phenomenological analysis of embodiment.

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